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NSDIC Virtual Learning Internships - Terms and Conditions

  • Project-Based Learning: NSDIC's internships are centered around project-based learning experiences. While our aim is to impart real-world skills, we do not assure participants of a paid position or job placement as a direct outcome of the program.

  • Professional Development: Through our virtual internships, participants collaborate with professionals, gaining practical exposure and expanding industry knowledge. This experience is intended to contribute to personal and professional growth.

  • Educational Focus: NSDIC's virtual internships are designed exclusively for educational purposes. Participants engage in projects and tasks to enhance their understanding and application of skills relevant to their respective fields. However, we do not hold proper rights to every project.

  • Certification Fee: After successfully completing the internship, a nominal voluntary fee of 99 INR for Indians and $3.99 for Foreigners is applicable. This fee covers the issuance of a certificate of completion, recommendation letter, and related documents, supporting the administrative and operational aspects of delivering these credentials.

  • Intellectual Property: Any work, ideas, or content created during the internship remain the property of NSDIC. Participants may use such work as part of their portfolio but are not allowed to claim ownership or commercialize it without explicit consent.

  • Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to adhere to professional behavior, including respectful communication and ethical conduct. Violation of these standards may result in termination from the internship program.

  • Program Modifications: NSDIC reserves the right to modify or cancel the internship program due to unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be promptly notified in such cases.

  • By participating in NSDIC virtual internships, you acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions. These terms are subject to change, and any updates will be communicated to participants accordingly. Your engagement in the program signifies your commitment to these principles.

  • Please review and accept these terms before proceeding with your application. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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